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Custom search on broadcom techdocs

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I'm trying to use the custom search for the broadcom techdocs, I managed to find the search url and added the query and %20 for space as seen here: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/layer7-api-management/api-gateway/10-1/search.html?q={query}&page=1. However, when I add this to my search it will either search for something that I previously searched not using alfred or if I haven't searched anything it'll just revert to null. I have removed the &page=1 and that hasn't helped either. It seems like it's redirected somehow. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Broadcom is using a strict Fetch Metadata Request Header security policy and does not allow user-originated operations (aka manually typing in URLs into the address bar). It's a safety measure sites can utilize to ensure that no malicious content is sent to their servers via a FETCH command. 

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