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NirvanaHQ todo list worflow

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I use the [Getting Things Done, aka GTD](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getting_Things_Done) system, with the [Nirvana app](https://nirvanahq.com/). 
I want to be able to add a new task very fastly and without context switching. So I built this workflow for Alfred. (It's the first workflow I share !). 




I hope this will be helpful to anyone else using NirvanaHQ.

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Welcome @edelans,


In the configuration, you’re setting a default value for the token. That makes it visible to everyone. You’re supposed to leave that part empty (same for the placeholder, or give it an example dummy value). Everyone will then set up their own key when importing the Workflow.

In addition, the Label should be filled (something simple, like Authentication Token) as should the general About (it supports Markdown) as that’s the entry point for users.

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