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List Filter no longer launching?

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Hi there!


Been a long time Alfred user, and never had issues until today!


Today, even after a computer restart, I noticed that my workflows using a List Filter action are no longer working.


I'm using an:


1. Input > keyword

2. Input > keyword

3. Args & Vars

4. List filter

5. etc


Screenshot with debugger: https://cdn.zappy.app/56c1cb7b67cea2fe3afc8175ffcb6303.png


Only when I remove the args & vars step and I sent text, then remove it from the next search bar entry, it will show the list filter. I've not seen this issue once before.


This workflow is basically launching when I launch Alfred, type in the keyword to launch this workflow, then asks for the title of a todo, and then asks whether I want to include a note. The latter is the list filter action, and I'm no longer seeing that.


If it helps: macOS 12.6 and MBP 14" 2021.


Is this because of a recently changed list filter logic change? Or am I using List Filter wrongly, even though it's been working for the last 3 years without any changes made to it?




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While I have never had to use this before, it seems this is solving the issue:




Very strange as I never had to this, and now I need to change a LOT of workflows. Not a great experience to be honest...


Is there any reason why this was not required for all these years, and now it does?

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@leowoods double click on the circle on the connection leading out of the previous keyword, and change the option to not hide Alfred. The circle will then change to a square.


Alfred can only automatically determine whether to keep the window open if it directly follows another input object. The Arg / Var object you highlight means you have to manually set this option to get predictable behaviour. It's best practice to always set this flag where this is the intended behaviour.




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