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I think Alfred need to add feature about removing specific clipboard history


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I have used clipboard as temporary variable repository for providing query when query can't provide via List Filter.



I want to attach this Alfred file but I can't because this is not image file...So, I'll attached images instead.




Anyway, the situation is that if I select search through the list filter, I want to search using the history of the clipboard as a keyword.
But I'm Korean and specific web site(not google) don't allow search with Korean characters but with percent encoding version.
Percent encoding is easily implemented with Alfred 5's Automation feature. I love it.
I changed keyword into percent encodings and I saved this percent encodings into clipboard.
But problem is that I want to maintain original clipboard history, so I want adding remove latest clipboard history feature.

Of course, this can be implemented with shortcut and keyboard settings, but this is inconvenient.

I think it's better to add feature remove clipboard history...


What I want things from the feature is below:

- I can remove clipboard history item with number from the latest or oldest

- I can remove clipboard history item with string if it matched.

I'm really sorry if you have other more important tasks to do, but as one of the users I thought I needed this feature.

If this is already an easily implementable problem, I'm sorry to bother you. I would appreciate it if you could let me know.
And if you have a questions about this, feel free to let me know! 🙇‍♂️

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I think so too. I also want not to use feature with non-intended way.
But I want to specify {query}'s location in List Filter.
If I specify this as {query} will be replaced with full URL.
The only way to do this is specify this as other keyword(like {keyword}) and replace this with clipboard.
I think it's better to support deliver for another {query} to use searching things in List Filter.

Maybe, you can say Don't again. List Filter is not for that.
But if you have some time, please please reconsider this. 🙇‍♂️


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Sorry for poor description, I'll rewrite things. 🙇‍♂️

First of all, this workflow is for gathering similar web browser tabs in one window.
For example, google-related tabs gathered together in a window, and Netflix tabs gathered together in another window...

To be honest, I think if there is feature for this in automation task, Alfred will be better.
But maybe alfred can't do this, because web browser don't support for this.


To include search page and general page in one List Filter, I want to deliver query for searching item(like Search with google in image).
For example, I want to type "gg sc {query}" to search in google.
But there is no method to do like this, so I'm using clipboard as temporary variable.
I added clipboard copy workflow, and after that I selected Search with google and I do what I expected.
It's good because it works as I expected, but It's also bad because using clipboard like this is not Alfred's intention, and so this could be not worked in someday.

Of course, you can say "How about just separate List Filter for general pages and search pages?".
Right, but it's so inconvenient, because I have to add Keyword Filter as many as the number of search pages I want to add.

For example, if I want to add searching for google I have to add keyword Filter for this.
And if I want to add image searching for google I have to add another Keyword Filter for this.
I think this is inconvenient.
In my workflow, to do this, I can add just 2 item entries for this by replacing {query} into {keyword}.
Of course, as you said about this, this is not standard and Alfred recommended.
But I think if Alfred support these things as feature, Alfred will be better to use.

Thanks for reading this long post, and if there is a way to completely replace the method I used, please let me know. 🙇‍♂️

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