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Screenshot capture

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This simple workflow allows you to take a screenshot of either a window or a selected area of the screen and saves the screenshot. You can change both the keyword that triggers the workflow and the default save location in the User Configuration. (The workflow is really nothing more than a front end to the inbuilt macOS Shift-Cmd-4 utility so don't expect it to do anything wildly sophisticated! 😀)

The workflow uses two Automation Tasks. Please ensure your Automation Tasks are up-to-date before initially running the workflow.

Trigger the workflow by typing the keyword (the default is sshot).

  • To take a screenshot of a window move the cursor (represented by crosshairs) inside the window, press the space bar and then Enter.
  • To take a sceenshot of a selected area drag the crosshairs to select the area of the screen to capture. To move the selection press and hold the space bar while dragging. To take the screenshot release your mouse or trackpad button.
  • To cancel taking a screenshot press the Esc key.

When you have taken the screenshot the image will be saved in the default save location set in the User Configuration.


GitHub download link



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