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  1. I think only if you change them in your Mac's system preferences: see here. Stephen
  2. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/advanced/sync/ Stephen
  3. I'm not sure that's what you really want to do. Your master password is the key to everything you store in any password manager. Of course, there are ways to store and enter a master password quickly (as a snippet in Alfred, for example) but that is completely insecure and leaves your master password open as plain text—which is definitely not what you want. That leaves you confronting the issue of how to store the master password in encrypted format (i.e., so that it is secure). I'm not aware of any way of doing that which doesn't involve putting it behind some other equally strong password—which rather defeats the object, of course. I sympathise with you because, after many years of using 1Password, I've just moved to BitWarden and have chosen the occasion to change my master password—which I now frantically keep trying remember! 😀 No doubt others will have more helpful ideas but my own view is that the only safe thing to do is to commit the master password to muscle memory. Stephen
  4. I hesitated to post this because I thought it so obvious that it must either be impossible to implement or there must be some other way of doing it. However, I've discovered only one other request. Now there are even more categories of workflow I'd find it really helpful to be able to sort them by category. Is that really not of interest to others? 😀 Stephen
  5. I appreciate this isn't the answer you're looking for immediately, but if you were tempted to try the 4.5 beta you'd probably find an interesting example workflow that could be adapted. 😉 Stephen
  6. But the Powerpack appears not to be installed—because if it is you should have a Powerpack icon in your Alfred preferences. If you did buy the Powerpack and installed it try quitting and restarting Alfred. Stephen
  7. Did you buy the Powerpack? You need that in order to use Workflows. Stephen
  8. I wonder if it's possible that in moving back from the beta to the current non-beta version you may have left traces of the beta version on your machine which are now interfering. (I appreciate that does not address your original move/copy problem which apparently occurred on both the current release and beta versions.) Stephen
  9. While I have not had reason to use it, others have recommended the free program shortcut detective to help ascertain whether there is a conflict between shortcuts. It may be able to tell you if some other program is using that shortcut. Stephen Edit: corrected typo.
  10. @Andrew I see what you mean! Very many thanks: brilliant! Stephen
  11. Just in passing, it's always worth trying locking and unlocking again. There seems to be some sort of bug (which I reported to Apple over 18 months ago) which effectively disables text expansion (e.g., in Typinator) sometimes (but not always) when you unlock a MacBook Pro using an Apple Watch. The bug also prevents long press working to produce accented alternatives for a specific key (which is what I reported to Apple in order to avoid the suggestion the problem was limited to some third party app 😉). That resolves if you lock and then unlock with touch ID. Apologies for being a little off-topic. Stephen
  12. I know this isn't exactly the answer you were seeking but I'd use the smart little utility PopClip for that. There is a free trial so you could try it to see if it works for you. (It does a lot more than merely convert html to markdown, of course. I find it invaluable.) Stephen
  13. Do you have a recent backup of your system? It sounds as though it's not merely Alfred that's affected so it might be better to restore the system from a recent backup. In passing, I dislike apps like the one you mention and think they do more harm than good. I'm sorry that you've found that out the hard way and hope you can find some way of recovering what you need. Stephen
  14. I think I might just be happy to await Alfred 4.5. 😀 Stephen
  15. Yes, indeed - I was able to make that work before embarking on the current difficulties. That may, in the end, be the neatest solution. Edit: This is all my fault. I use the Default Finder X Finder drawer and was merely seeing if I could effectively replace it with something in Alfred! Stephen
  16. <Blush> I do hate not being able to work out things for myself but I have to confess the offer is rather appreciated (but not urgent - so merely when you have a moment!). I have no problem setting the hot key and getting Finder selected files into the buffer but have not yet discovered how I can use the Action in Alfred utility to automatically then display the Alfred action pane. I think I may be in a little out of my depth, sorry! Stephen
  17. Thank you to both of you. I've spent a lot of time the past few days trying to improve my knowledge and use of Alfred (which I've used for years) so apologise for missing the fact the buffer (without a little work) does not work directly in Finder. Stephen
  18. Briefly, I'm unable to use the file buffer functions in Finder. I am using Alfred 4.3.4 on my 16" (Intel) MacBook Pro running macOS 11.3.1. I have enabled the temporary file buffer and have checked "Use ⇧⌥ as modifier key". In case it's relevant I'll mention that I've set the selection key for file actions in macOS to ⌃⌘\. I have checked Alfred's permissions and all are enabled in system preferences. (I have also tried disabling and re-enabling Finder automation and full disk access for Alfred.) Although I'm able to display the file actions panel in both Alfred and Finder the buffer commands in Finder do nothing at all and I'm rather at a loss as to what to try next. Stephen
  19. Many thanks for the response. I did as you suggested and both I and Alfred are very happy again. "Lock" now works. Stephen
  20. Thanks for the idea. However, I have checked and ⌘ + ⌃ + Q is not mapped to anything else (and does indeed work to show the lock screen when I use it). Stephen
  21. First, I have reviewed this thread - which did not provide a solution. Second, I have checked and specifically enabled all system permissions for Alfred (General > Request Permissions) - and rebooted. I am using Alfred 4.3 from the website, with the power pack, running on macOS 11.1. All system commands work in Alfred (screen saver, show trash, log out, sleep, restart, shutdown, etc.) - with the exception of "Lock" which does nothing at all. If anyone has a solution to the problem it would be much appreciated. I don't think I'm overlooking anything obvious and so wasting your time: I hope not! Stephen
  22. I confirm that's how Postbox works if you use the inbuilt Alfred email [contact] command. The email is opened with the cursor in the subject line...so it's probably easier to type it there rather than at an Alfred workflow prompt. (I'm confirming simply because I use Postbox and so was able to test it.) Stephen
  23. If you are using the Alfred Powerpack and Postbox is your default email client you should be able simply to type email in Alfred followed by the contact name—which should start a new blank email in Postbox. This Alfred help page has more details: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/contacts/#email. Stephen
  24. Thanks for that idea. I've submitted a feature request on the Postbox site asking if it's possible to have a metadata tag specifically identifying the author of an email and have linked that request to this thread. Stephen
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