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Teleport Control workflow

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with this workflow you can start or stop Teleport (arguments start or stop).


Teleport (http://www.abyssoft.com/software/teleport/) is a software to share your mouse/ keyboard with two or more computers.


Before you can use it, please run the workflow with the argument "install" - this installs a launchd daemon under ~/Library/LaunchAgents/Teleport.plist




When you installed Teleport for all users, you need to change the line 11 in the plist file ~/Library/LaunchAgents/Teleport.plist


from <string>$HOME/Library/PreferencePanes/teleport.prefPane/Contents/Resources/teleportd.app/Contents/MacOS/teleportd</string>


to <string>/Library/PreferencePanes/teleport.prefPane/Contents/Resources/teleportd.app/Contents/MacOS/teleportd</string>




Download Teleport Control workflow

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I was hoping to find a workflow for this so was happy when I found this, however, I have ran the install, changed line 11 in the relevant .plist and nothing seems to happen.


I use the tel command followed by stop and I get a notification 'Teleport stopped' but it is still running.


Have I done something wrong?




I don't have Teleport installed for all users so 



points to nothing.


I have tried changing the string to




But to no avail. Can you help?. Or is it going to be easier reinstalling teleport and installing it for all users?

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You need to replace the "tilde ~ " sign to your full path of your home folder, for example:




The tilde is not recognized by the launchd service. 


A newly run of the workflow with the argument install should also fix your problem. After that you needn't to change anything by hand when you installed Teleport only for your user.


The workflow bash script could be optimized to recognize all these things automatic, I want to do this as fast as possible.

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