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Move Workflow to a different folder

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2 hours ago, fillmoreeast said:

I am not sure what additional information I can add.


Any specifics to make your objective clear so we can help. Why do you want to move the workflow to another directory? What do you expect to happen once you do? Are you talking about an installed workflow? Where is it now and where do you want to move it to? Are you looking to do it once, or to build a workflow to do it multiple times?


Alfred unpacks workflows to a specific directory so it can read them. You cannot just move one out of there and have it continue working because that’s not how the filesystem behaves. But your request is atypical, so I’m probably misunderstanding what you want.



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So you’d want to get “Smart Emails” inside “Finance Committee”? Nesting isn’t available in the list. Instead, you might want to click the (…) at the top, to the right of the Filter bar. You’ll be able to add categories to group workflows. You can assign a category to a workflow by double-clicking it on the list.

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Oh, I think you want to move some of the objects? Like this?




A “Workflow” is the full thing. Each of the items in the list is a Workflow, and each Workflow has different objects and connection. To move those to another workflow, you select want you want, ⌘C, then go to the other workflow and ⌘V. Note that depending on how the objects are configured, that may not work without further modification (e.g. the objects may depend on variables set in the rest of the workflow).

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