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Help: DeepLWrite Workflow

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I want to copy a text (for example in an email) and use a hotkey so Alfred copies the text, opens https://www.deepl.com/write, and fills in the text. 


It must be easy for someone who knows how to do it. I am not experienced in workflows. I tried, but I only know how to create a hotkey that opens the

URL but not how to insert the text automatically. 


Maybe someone is kind enough to help me out. 


All the best, 




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Warning: I'm sure there must be a more elegant way to do this—but the following works for me.


Create a new blank workflow like this:


Universal Action (drag it from the list on the right of the workflow area), name it what you want ("DeepL Write”, for example) and leave the checkbox ticked only for "Text”.


Link that to an Open URL action (you know how to choose them by now!), double click on it and add the URL (https://www.deepl.com/write).


Link that to the Delay action and set that to 2 seconds (just to allow the URL to load).


Finally, link that to a Dispatch Key Combo. Simply press ⌘V to set that as the combination you want.


The result should be that every time you select text you'll see your named DeepL action in the list and if you select it the https://www.deepl.com/write will open and, after a brief delay the text will be pasted to the website. (If you find the delay too long you can, of course, experiment with reducing it).


It's not as complicated to set up as I've managed to make it sound so give it a go!



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Hmm, that's odd: it works for me. Just check that you have entered the correct URL in the Open URL action by double-clicking on it. It should look like this (although, of course, your default browser may be different):




Edit: If it still doesn't work please tell me exactly what does happen when you run the workflow. Do note that you have to select some text before running the workflow.



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