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Ecosia web browser - use to search for specific term

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Hello -


I need a setup to allow me to open my browser of choice (ecosia, which is not browser one can shoose in the browser selction) and then be able to add a specific search term.


The "search in Wikipedia" is exaclty what calculationI ant, buyt want the replace Wikipeda as the source with ecosia.org.


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Please clarify the question. Do you want all searches to have the same text is them? If so, edit the search and edit the URL with words separated by +. Example: https://www.ecosia.org/search?q={query}+my+fixed+query.

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Sorry - what I mean is that I would like to be able to type in Alfred a prompt for ecosia (or firefox, opera, etc.) and in that same prompt, be able to type in the search term I am looking for, like this:


(using e' as the browser prompt), all with this in the same alfred window:


"e' best butterfly shrubs (or any other search term)



We can already do this with google - typing g space and "best butterfly shrubs" 


Sorry - hope this is clearer - this fourm is great!

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