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Wait/loading message in Script Filter

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I would like to display a "Please wait" or "Loading" message while the script in my Script Filter is running. I see that the Script Filter settings have a "Please wait subtext" option. However, I can't get it to be displayed. Am I perhaps not using correctly, or perhaps should I use something else?


Could you clarify how this works and what it's supposed to look like?


Thanks a lot,



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Hi Vitor,


I've attached a few screenshots of the simple test workflow. Basically I have a Keyword that triggers a Script Filter. The SF's script calls "sleep(3)", so I would expect that the "Please wait" message would be displayed during that time, but the Alfred search box remains empty until the item finally appears.


Am I missing something?


Thank you,











Type in the keyword:




After selecting "blah", the search box remains empty without any "waiting" message being displayed:





After 3 seconds, the item appears:



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