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The workflow does something very simple, it allows you to quickly create new files in the Finder. 

If, like me, you know that awkward dance you sometimes have to do, just to get a new text, source, or bib file, you might like this one.


‣ Download on Github ◂




Usage Note
If the post-haste behavior is enabled, new files are created the same way as folders are when you use the shortcut (default: ⌥+⇧+N). Otherwise you will be prompted with the input mask where you can configure the file name and type. You can also configure the default extension for new files.

The workflow will pick up on your location in the Finder and create the new file there. If you use the keyword, the most recently used Finder window will be selected as the destination. If no Finder window is currently open, the file will be created in the configurable fallback location.


  • Hold to view the full file path.
  • Hold ⌘+⇧ before hitting enter to enforce creating the file with clipboard contents.
  • Hold ⌥+⇧ before hitting enter to enforce creating the file without clipboard contents.

Bonus: In addition to all plain-text type files, the workflow can also quickly create docx, doc, odt, rtf and rtfd files for you.


  • The Fallback Location will be used when activating the workflow with the keyword, but no Finder window is currently open. Otherwise the most recently used Finder window is used as destination.
  • If the post-haste behavior is disabled, the shortcut will also prompt you with the input mask.
  • If the option to create new files with the contents of the clipboard is disabled, you can still choose to create new files with the clipboard contents by using the input mask and enabling the correlating modifier. Similarly, you can opt out on a per-file basis.



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