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Workflow to send email to self with only subject line?

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I send notes to myself all the time by email, with just a brief phrase in the subject line (e.g., "check Carter book"), but I'd like to do this faster--it takes awhile to bring up my email client and fill the form. I have a decent shortcut on my phone, but it sometimes doesn't fire; I'd like to have something more reliable that I can use on desktop. I've seen workflows for calling up a blank email to yourself, but that doesn't go as far as I'd like to. Ideally, I'd like to type "email" into the Alfred field, and then type my subject right after that, and then click "enter" to send. There was a thread about this awhile ago, but it involved a pretty complicated script that I was never able to get to work--and it looks like others struggled, too. Does anyone have a workflow that might work for someone without a lot of coding experience? 



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Try with AppleScript for MS outlook below


on run argv

set subjecttxt to "Test message" -- item 1 of argv


tell application "Microsoft Outlook"


set theMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:subjecttxt, plain text content:""}

make new recipient with properties {email address:{address:"youremail@domain.com", name:"FName and LName"}} at end of to recipients of theMessage

open theMessage -- for further editing

-- send theMessage -- not sure of this if this can be bad to work

end tell


end run

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