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Workflow integration with Freedom?

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Hello I am an Alfred newbie and I'm considering buying the Powerpack. My main motivation would be to create a workflow that automatically launched Freedom or another web blocker whenever I launched Scrivener or FadeIn (word processing apps for book- and script- writing, respectively). Can anyone tell me if these workflows are feasible before I take the plunge to purchase? Many thanks

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Welcome @CoronadoStreet,


Rather than opening Freedom whenever Scrivener or FadeIn is opened (which would require constant monitoring and consume extra resources), what you can have is a workflow which launches both apps. So you’d (for example) type scrivener (or even just scr, as Alfred learns from your usage) and start both apps at once. It can be accomplished without code, by connecting a Keyword to a Launch Apps and Files.


For an interactive tutorial on making a workflow, see the Getting Started Guide.


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Hi vitor, thanks so much for the response! Would there be a way to set up a workflow that not only launches both apps but triggers a web-blocking session within Freedom, so that as soon as I type 'scr' in your example, not only does Scrivener and Freedom launch, but Freedom shuts off my internet access for an hour (or whatever other time period I pre-designate)? Many thanks

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That depends entirely on Freedom. The app needs to be automatable (usually via AppleScript, but there can be other ways) for there to me a way to tell it to do different things. Someone created a workflow for it but I’m not a Freedom user so can’t directly attest if it still works (e.g. the app may have changed in the mean time). The Freedom team should be able to clarify if their app is automatable (and if so, point to documentation).

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