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Option to exclude workflow binary data from Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows


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I'd like to have a small preferences file that contains only the most important data - all the configs that I adjust in the Alfred preferences. And given that there is now a Gallery, the most I need is a list of workflows that could be redownloaded at any time on a new machine.

However, currently Alfred.alfredpreferences also stores binary data, e.g., executables and images, for each of the workflow, which pollutes the config thus making version control a bit harder and also ignificantly increases the config size


Maybe there could be an option to store the actual workflows separately and have Alfred.alfredpreferences only store the relevant info.plists? And this would need to be paired with a mechanism to redownload the latest versions from the gallery from the list of workflows (I understand not all workflows are in the gallery, but a) this is optional and b) you can always copy the new Alfred.alfredworkflows file along with the preferences)

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