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How to combine 2 images from clipboard to copy and paste

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I am new to workflows so sorry if this is basic..


I want to use my save image to clipboard function (Mac shortcut) where I essentially get 2 separate screenshots of 2 different areas on my screen. From there, I would like to have both of these new images on the clipboard combined into one image (vertically) so that I can have that pasted elsewhere (from clipboard I guess). 


Please let me know if this doesn't make sense and I can clarify.. Thanks in advance!

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Welcome @jpiemon,


It is not basic, but it is possible. However, further details are necessary. Where are your screenshots stored and what’s their file type? Are they both PNGs stored in your Desktop? What is the Mac shortcut you’re referring to? If you already have a part of the process working, it’s important to know so it can be adapted in context.

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