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Send "Selection in Mac OS" to a list of search/websites?

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Hi, is it possible to take the selection in mac os, open Alfred with a list of websites, and select the website and search for the selection on that website? So say i highlight a word in Chrome, I press a keyword and is presented with a list of fx Google, Youtube, IMDB, and it passes on the selected word, and opens fx www.google.com/search?q={query} with the selection. Ive been messing around with List Filter and {query} inputs, but I cant seem to figure it out:( Is it even possible?

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It is possible, but it will take some GUI Automation. Use a Universal Action or Hotkey to take the selection in macOS. Save it to a variable. Then use sequential Open URLs to open each website but between them add a Delay (so the page has time to load) then Dispatch a Key Combo (⌘F) and Copy to Clipboard (ticking the box to paste to frontmost app) and using the variable as the text to paste.


See the Getting Started Guide for an interactive tutorial on making a workflow.

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