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Keeping You Awake Control for Alfred

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Control Keeping You Awake is an Alfred workflow to interact with Keeping You Awake.


This workflow takes inspiration from one existing workflow (e.g. this one, which btw still works) but adds some more functionalities.




  • Activate the app
    • Activate the app for a pre-defined number of hours (default 5)
    • Activate the app for a manually defined number of hours/minutes
  • Deactivate the app
  • Keywords Customization
  • Alfred Remote support (see the relevant info in the README file)




You can install the workflow from the releases page at the workflow Github repo.   






Bugs & Feature Requests

This is my first Alfred workflow ever that I share publicly, so reach out on the Github page if there are any bugs or feature requests.


Edited by AndreaT
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  • 4 weeks later...
38 minutes ago, vitor said:

Welcome @AndreaT,


This workflow will be added to the Alfred Gallery at https://alfred.app/workflows/andreatitolo/control-keeping-you-awake/. This is not required but I sent you some quick tips on GitHub on how to make the results a bit richer with the user input.

Wow, that's great, thanks! Do I need to do something else?

P.s. thanks also for the suggestion on Github, I'm implementing it now :)

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