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Extract Keywords

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Extract Keywords

Extract keywords and keyphrases from articles, books or any other document with YAKE!


Download On Github




  • Send PDF, docx, doc, rtf or txt documents to the workflow’s File Actions
  • Pass the text from your selection in macOS on to the workflow’s Universal Action
  • Use the keyword and paste your text (default: kw


The extracted keywords are presented in a dialog.

The workflow relies on Python3 to install the YAKE standalone.




Yake has internal stopword handling that cannot be influenced from the command line. However, you can still define a list of words that will be flat out purged from the input text. To set up a ‘purge word’-list, create a text file named as the language identifier for a corresponding language in the workflow root folder: assets/stopwords/de.txt.

The workflow checks if the file exists and if it does, the words are removed.

The purge-word files can be quickly accessed through Alfred by prefixing the keyword with a colon (default: :kw).


YAKE! is a light-weight unsupervised automatic keyword extraction method which rests on text statistical features extracted from single documents to select the most important keywords of a text.

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