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Workflow request. Stable diffusion and automatic1111

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I am dipping my toes into generating AI pictures. I would love to have a workflow helping me to set up SD and Automatic1111.

basically to start working i need to:
1. open up terminal
2. run this code "cd ~/stable-diffusion-webui;./webui.sh " ( without "")
3. open up my browser (ARC)

4. typing to work locally

It would be great to have a workflow just by typing in SDXL into alfred, have the terminal thing run in the background and having arc opening a tab with the local ip adress. Can somebody help me to achieve that? 

cheers and lots of love!
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Thanks @vitor I will try to make a working version! itll be my first self made workflow! 

@Michelle B Yes I am aware of huggingface! I am using Automatic1111 since you have waaaay more settings to work with than diffusers. Its a little more complicated to adjust everything but damn, its satisfying! 

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