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preference panes not working as it should. Unable to find macOS settings

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Welcome to the forum.


I'm not sure why you don't see the relevant preference pane with those settings. However, it would be worthwhile checking Alfred's permissions (Alfred Preferences → General and then Request Permissions). If that doesn't work try resetting (the Reset button in your screen shot) to Alfred's Defaults.


If you continue to have problems:

  • Please confirm your Alfred and macOS version numbers.
  • Note there are two workflows on the Alfred gallery directed at revealing system preference panes: System Settings and Open macOS Settings Panes (full disclosure: I wrote the latter workflow).


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Thanks Stephen, 


I checked my preferences and they seem to be alright. The only one that is not enabled is "Automation", which right now ir in blank and says that it will show items whenever the app asks for it. Maybe that's an issue?


Do you think resetting is worth it? I will have to configure it all again?


I would create workflows but they seem to be a paid option, which I'd rather not use.


My versions are: MacOs Ventura 13.5.1, Alfred 5.2.1

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I don't think you need to worry about the Automation permission as it will be requested by macOS if and when it is required.


56 minutes ago, matiheilen said:

Do you think resetting is worth it? I will have to configure it all again?

You could reset and all you'd have to configure if you were to do so would be any tailor made settings you've made to that Default Results pane.


However, I think it's worth pointing out that with more or less identical Default Result settings to you (which I've just tested) if I type storage I also do not find the relevant Preference Pane and see only Alfred's fall-back results. So it may be there's no easy solution to your problem without the powerpack and one of the relevant workflows.


Purely in passing I should say my own view is that the Powerpack is incredibly good value. Even if you don't use workflows (although you would if you had the Powerpack!) things like file navigation and (particularly) clipboard history and snippets are so useful. I don't have any axe to grind: I'm merely an enthusiastic user here and not specifically affiliated to Alfred in any way so please don't take this as advertising. I appreciate your view but merely wanted to outline the world (as I see it) that opens with the Powerpack.



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