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Thumbnail previews in results list


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Hi all, I have searched but I couldn't find anything that quite answered my question (in 2023).


Is there a way to enable thumbnail previews for image files? I find them very helpful when looking for an image - see example of Alfred vs spotlight.


Many thanks!


Edit: I'm aware of the quick preview (tap shift) feature but that doesn't help with finding the right file at a glance.



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I believe the best way to see image previews is to navigate to the relevant folder and then browse the folder in Alfred…which will show previews of image files as you move through them. Of course, you can also press when you see an image file in your results and that, too, will show a preview.


Edit: I appreciate this is not a direct answer to your question.



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File navigation is a Powerpack feature. I'm afraid it's donkey's years since I used Alfred without the Powerpack that I can't recall what you can do without it. I imagine it's possible to search for a folder, though, and then press to browse the folder in Alfred (and so see image thumbnails). Sorry to sound a little clueless in that context! 😀



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