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Highlighted text as Universal Action input that passes to a macos Shortcut

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There is a macos Shortcut called "Sort Lines." If you highlight lines in any application and trigger the shortcut it will sort the lines in the chosen application. If I highlight the lines and trigger Universal Actions I can see the highlighted in the right panel. I can't figure out how to preserve that text when calling a shortcut though. When I call "Sort Lines" it then asks me for text.

Anyone know of any solutions?



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Welcome @Gungazoo,


It’s impossible to say without looking at the shortcut in question, but you can recreate what you want easily with a workflow (which is likely to run faster, since shortcuts take a while to start).

Connect a Universal Action Trigger → Automation Task to Sort Lines → Copy to Clipboard Output (set to paste to frontmost app). You’re done.

See the Getting Started Guide for an interactive tutorial on making a workflow.

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