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Trouble using calculate anything

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Hi :)

I am trying to use calculate anything.

I bought powerpack, used it a while, but something happened, I don't know the reason, and it stopped working.

I re-installed the Alfred, version 5.1.3.


I managed the dependency issue as below, installed php manually via terminal




but it does not work... how can I handle this issue?




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Welcome to the forum.


As a general tip, when you have a problem with a workflow it's best to post in the thread dedicated to the workflow with which you're having a problem.


You'll see from that thread that some others have had certain difficulties with the worklfow but it would be much easier to identify your problem if you open the debugger in Alfred, run the workflow and copy the output to a new post in the relevant workflow thread (perhaps cross-referrring to your original post or again specifying in your debug post the problem you have).



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