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Force Keyboard messed up after Sonoma 14.1.2 update


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In the past, I had trouble with Alfred forcing the wrong keyboard language. I solved it by using "Force Keyboard". Later, I turned that feature off, and the issue didn't occur anymore. Everything was good.


Recently, I've been running the latest Alfred 5.1.3 [2195] and everything was still good, until yesterday I updated to Sonoma 14.1.2. (From whatever previous Sonoma release was).


The following things happened after MacOS update:


1. For some reason Sonoma couldn't see my second language anymore. In the switcher popup, it only showed U.S. However, in the keyboard input preferences, it had both languages. I had to remove and re-add the second one, and that fixed it.

2. However, Alfred now insists on always choosing my second language ("Force Keyboard" is set to blank). Even if I switch the language to U.S. with Alfred dialog open, it would still force the other one next time.

3. So I went ahead and set "Force Keyboard" setting to U.S. This didn't help. Alfred keeps forcing the second language.

4. Then, just to try it, I set "Force Keyboard" to the second language. This actually made Alfred force U.S. instead (what I wanted originally). 🤔


I think between updating to Sonoma 14.1.2 and me re-adding the keyboard input, something got mixed up. It could be a bug in Alfred, Sonoma, or both.

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I figured out what was happening.


The issue was that MacOS has a default keyboard shortcut "Select next input source" the same as the one I use to activate Alfred: Ctrl+Space.


All you have to do to fix this weirdness is go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Input Sources, and uncheck those shortcuts.


I think this issue is resolved now, but worth keeping here for anyone encountering this problem.

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