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Automation Tasks Change Log

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Automation Tasks are always evolving. It is recommended that you automatically keep them up to date but you might also want to know about new changes from time to time.

The primary source to learn about updates is the GitHub releases section on the repository. You can visit the page regularly or subscribe to the feed in an RSS reader. This thread will provide a secondary source to those who prefer to check the forum.

Note that not every minute change is listed in the changelog. For example: when adding a new group of tasks (which can be handful or a ton of them), the addition of the group is listed but not each task.

You can view a list of all available Automation Tasks by adding one to a Workflow and perusing the list, or consulting the documentation.

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  • Add path basename and dirname.
  • Allow multiple inputs in getting path extension.
  • Add regex support to browser tab matching.
  • Do not throw error when column in lines split is out of bounds.
  • Prevent extra newline in tail STDIN.
  • Shorter line when adding to array to trash.
  • Correct label text for config in trailing arguments.
  • Help text updates.
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  • New: Resize image by percentage.
  • New: Add, Remove, Set, Clear Tags.
  • New: Add, Remove Finder comments.
  • Browser tabs: Move All Windows config before Output, for consistency.
  • Text Metrics: fix for character count.
  • Description tweak: outputs to returns.
  • Move common scripts to .common directory.
  • directory-children: Use $.NSDirectoryEnumerationSkipsHiddenFiles.
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  • Most tasks which required an argument can be configured in the task itself.
  • Keyboard Simulation: New task group in Extras
  • Click Menubar Item in Frontmost App: New task
  • Open in Quick Look: New task
  • Get Screen Bounds: New task
  • Get Path Creation Time: New task
  • Convert Timezone: New task
  • Filter Paths for Files: New task
  • Filter Paths for Folders: New task
  • URL Encode Text: Encode more characters
  • Browser new windows: Make URL optional
  • Finder Copy Move: Output destination paths
  • Finder Move: Output destination paths
  • Finder Comment tasks: Work on extrernal volumes
  • Image Manipulation: Only allow picking files
  • Argument Processing: add append and prepend
  • Text Processing: add append and prepend
  • Change Wallpaper: Check for single input
  • Convert Time Format: Default to different input and output
  • Get Path Basename Without Extension: deprecate in favour of Get Path Basename with checkbox.
  • Create directory trees before trying to save files
  • Improvements in input detection.
  • Multiple description and wording tweaks.
  • Multiple code improvements.

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  • Add Frontmost Browser collection.
  • Add support for Orion browser.
  • Add support for Arc browser in current tab actions.
  • New Task: Browsers: Change URL of frontmost tab.
  • New Tasks: Argument Processing: Strip leading and trailing arguments.
  • New Tasks: Text Processing: Strip leading and trailing lines.
  • Misc code tweaks and simplifications.
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  • Tweaked names and descriptions
  • Added more notes to inputs and outputs.
  • New Group: PDF Manipulation.
  • New Task: Is File?
  • New Task: Is Folder?
  • New Task: Is Path Older?
  • New Task: Is Path Newer?
  • Browser Tasks: Get frontmost browser even when it is not frontmost tab.
  • Change Wallpaper: Set output to wallpaper path.
  • Image Dimensions: Output JSON when querying both width and height.
  • Window Management: Remove macOS version note
  • In true or false, do not output newline.
  • Shorter Objective-C calls.
  • Other general tweaks.
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  • New Task: Type Text.
  • New Task: Filter for Paths Newer Than.
  • New Task: Filter for Paths Older Than.
  • New Task: File MIME Type.
  • Shorten URL: Add v.gd.
  • Browser Tasks: Improve All Windows configuration text.
  • Frontmost Browser Tasks: Add Arc to list.
  • Other general tweaks.

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  • New Task: View Shortcut.
  • Browser Tasks: Allow returning empty result when no windows found.
  • Browser Tasks: Better checks for when no windows are found.
  • Browser Tasks: Do not open web browser when not running.
  • Browser Tasks: Revamped checkbox section.
  • Other code tweaks.

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