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List Filter: filter and export?

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Hey everyone,


I have a small script where I hold a bunch of frequently-asked links in a list filter for easy tech support on a (game-modding related) Discord server. I use a list filter with an applescript to update my clipboard and paste (URLs and images). I'm not sure if this is maybe the wrong utility or if there'd be something better - however, this meets my needs almost-perfectly. However...



I live in perpetual fear of accidentally deleting my list. I know that I can import a CSV, but I don't see how i can export my existing list. Is there an option that I'm not seeing? I'd expect an export button somewhere in the yellow box at the button...



I have literally dozens of keywords. If I want to upgrade one, I have to find it in the list first, which... includes a lot of scrolling. A filter (green box) would fix that for me.




Thank you for maintaining this awesome tool. I hope you consider my suggestions!

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