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  1. Hello there, this is my laziness speaking and I know it. However, I have wondered if the following is possible: I have the first image: Every script filter is hooked up to two outputs, there will be #scriptFilter*2 connections I want the second image: Every script filter is hooked up to a single junction, which is in turn hooked up to two actions, there will be #scriptFilter+2 connections Can this be done, and if not, is it worth filing a feature request for?
  2. Hey deanishe, thank you for answering the question. Does it make sense to file a feature request for this?
  3. Hello forum, What's the best practice for a workflow trigger (keyword or script filter) that uses an optional argument with a fallback value? Example 1 (I made this up): I want to more easily yell at people on the internet, so I have a workflow that turns text to caps. My clipboard is "foo". I call caps and expect my script to receive "foo". I call caps wasd and expect my script to receive "wasd". Example 2: Like example 1, but instead of the contents, I want to use hardcoded text. I call caps and expect my script to rece
  4. Yes, please, it would be glorious
  5. Hello there, I'm using Ditto on windows, and one "feature" that I love about it is that, basically, as long as clipboard history is opened, pressing the hotkey again selects the next item in the list instead, like in Alfred, closing the overlay. Ditto: Ctrl+Shift+V - Clipboard History opens Ctrl+Shift+V - item #2 is selected, equivalent to down arrow Ctrl+Shift+V - item #3 is selected, equivalent to down arrow Alfred: Ctrl+Shift+V - Clipboard History opens Ctrl+Shift+V - Clipboard History closes Ctrl+Shift+V - Clipboard History opens
  6. Two years later... Sorry for the thread-necromancy. I meant to get back to this tomorrow... next week... soon, and then suddenly, it was 2019. But I could deliberately call it on clipboard update. I do love the clipboard manager, but right now I have a clumsy KeyboardMaestro macro to achieve what I want. Perhaps you could add the option to run a script with the clipboard contents as argument from the clipboard manager?
  7. Hey, my main use case is copying URLs from Safari and removing the referrers via regex. Currently I'm doing it via keyboard maestro, my regex (for now) is ((\??(ref|src|fb[a-z]{4,}|utm_source)=.+))(.*) If I have an URL like https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-internet-comics/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=BPFacebook& that basically leaves https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-internet-comics/ Since Alfred already has a builtin clipboard manager, it would be my tool of choice. What I'd like would be on
  8. Yes, please. The ability to edit clipboard contents is something that Alfred is sorely lacking.
  9. Hey there, I request the feature to have Alfred trigger on clipboard update, so that I can parse and update my clipboard contents according to my needs. Use Case: I copy a facebook link like this: https://www.facebook.com/TheBestCatPage/photos/a.994717007212298.1073741828.994713583879307/1593316110685715/?type=3&theater My workflow automatically strips the ?/type=3&theater from the link and update the clipboard contents. Use Case 2: I copy a link that exceeds a certain character limit. My workflow grabs the clipboard content, runs them th
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