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Show real thumbnail/favicon for ".command" files

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.command files are great because they can be run, basically as apps; you click, and it runs like an app. Thus, it makes sense that we should show the right file icons, like for apps. Currently, they just show a generic file thumbnails.


To illustrate, consider the following diagram.


What I want: I want `Hello (with custom icon).command` to be the only file I need and for it to show up with the emoji icon in Alfred.

What I am doing: I have been creating a "Hello alias" file, assigning that the icon, and then having it open the real command file. This is annoying and not scalable for all the projects.


A few days ago, the "Hello alias" trick was working (it works for another project) but as you can see here, even that isn't working.

Thus, my feature request is: Have ".command" files show its custom icon where by "custom icon" I mean the icon defined in the "Get Info" window (second screenshot)

Please let me know if I can help in any way to get this out asap.




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A more efficient way of handling this would be to, instead of relying on file search to open the command file, making a workflow (connect a Keyword Input to an Open File Action, or even better a Run Script Action) and adding the icon to the workflow or Keyword.

Consider that if Alfred were to read the custom icon for every file of every file type, that could have a noticeable impact on performance (even unrelated searches) since there’d be an extra operation that would need to happen before displaying each result.

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If performance would take a hit, then I don't want it! Performance is key.

I could swear that alias icon was already working at one point. I can't get it to work anymore. Any ideas how it might have been working?

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