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[Accessibility] Support workflow items in Menubar

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Please support workflow items in the standard Help menu (A).


There are many apps that allow plugging into this system and searching it directly (B) and in a much more efficient manner than arduously trying to figure out and remember how to open that side panel and search it etc.



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@universe To search for workflow objects in the Palette, use the / followed by the name of the object or prefab you want to add.


If you hold ⌥ (Option/Alt) key while dragging in a new object or when pressing return to add it from the sidebar, they'll be auto-connected. 


You can find out more about the Palette Search and how to quickly add and connect objects on the Workflow canvas here:



The Palette has been designed to add to the canvas and position the object correctly, which wouldn't be possible via the Help menu or by searching Alfred. 







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you can current drag and drop items in the workflow space. perhaps it could be set up by default using this menu accessibility feature to just drop it in the center by default (as if the user just drag and dropped it in the center)

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