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Clipboard History: Automatically remove any formatting when pasting snippets

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I would like to see a checkbox in the clipboard history. If this is activated, the format should be removed from the snippet that is inserted for all insertions with Alfred.


Thank you,


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@mnin Alfred's Clipboard History feature automatically removes all formatting from content copied to the clipboard.


Are you referring to the most recent clip held in the macOS clipboard? If so, there are two ways to paste as plain text:

  1. Pop up the Clipboard Viewer and choose the item from the list: It'll be pasted with all formatting stripped.
  2. Set a hotkey for the template "Paste as plain text" which you'll find in Alfred's Workflows > [+] at the bottom of the sidebar > Templates > Clipboard > Paste as plain text. You can then set this hotkey to something convenient to paste the current clipboard.

If I've misunderstood your suggestion, let me know :)

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