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Double down on JXA and Shell Script coding

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The run script workflow object has always been the integral piece in all advanced workflows (to be honest a workflow with more than 10-15 objects is a nightmare even if you just want to edit a trigger).


Why not make the run script object into a mini IDE with a couple of  environments:

 - Apple automation 

    - select language (JXA or apple script)

    - explore app dictionaries

    - explore and support UI accessibility scripting with built in tools

     - included framework for interacting with Alfred (items, settings etc)

- Shell environment

     - zsh is default in macos so could be limited to that
    - separate outputs for stdout, errout

    - native support for file handling, text output etc. 

     - included framework for interacting with Alfred (items, settings etc)


If it seems a bit too much, I would be very happy with just syntax highlighting ;)

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