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  1. Hi, one reason I don’t use universal actions as much as I want to is that the list seems a bit cluttered (I know of the uncheck feature). Maybe a way to make the list more relevant could be to filter it more narrowly on types? shortcuts input types are an obvious inspiration, as well as common patterns from workflows: app/frontmost app, webpage, finder item (as opposed to Alfred selected files), different file types…
  2. It’s a huge success but have the smallest button in a corner of the app! I had to download a workflow to get gallery workflows in my search result. Suggestions: - Gallery view is first thing you see when installing Alfred or opening settings or clicking menu bar icon. - Gallery view is graphic and nice, includes both installed workflows and not installed (with clear marking of course) - gallery suggestions as fallback results. for example when writing “timer” the timer workflow could be suggested. - suggested workflow when running a related app (clock.app) - special treatment for workflows extending apples native apps (maps, home etc). Those will be perceived as almost native functionality in Alfred (think of similarities/differences between music.app features and Spotify workflow).
  3. The run script workflow object has always been the integral piece in all advanced workflows (to be honest a workflow with more than 10-15 objects is a nightmare even if you just want to edit a trigger). Why not make the run script object into a mini IDE with a couple of environments: - Apple automation - select language (JXA or apple script) - explore app dictionaries - explore and support UI accessibility scripting with built in tools - included framework for interacting with Alfred (items, settings etc) - Shell environment - zsh is default in macos so could be limited to that - separate outputs for stdout, errout - native support for file handling, text output etc. - included framework for interacting with Alfred (items, settings etc) If it seems a bit too much, I would be very happy with just syntax highlighting
  4. Shortcuts became the automation Apple didn’t manage to create by themselves. In addition to shell script and JXA this should be a cornerstone for Alfred workflows for a long time to come Several features could be added for Alfred to handle them natively: - List folders in prefs and check/uncheck which ones should be included in search results. - Prefs for listing shortcuts in default search, file search, with keyword, with hotkey. - List shortcuts with their native icon. In addition, shortcuts could be the basis for a new type of workflow. - Select a shortcut and wrap it in an Alfred workflow. Alfred automatically does a number of things: - Hide that shortcut from regular results - Detect input types allowed and exposes the shortcut in universal actions etc. - Detect keyboard trigger for shortcut (to avoid clashes). - set workflow icon to default the same icon as the shortcut has. - A shortcut type workflow would have the shortcut as its mandatory object, but could also include other objects. - When installing a new workflow the workflow would have the shortcut bundled and asked to be installed as it is done here (awesome!) but without the extra objects: https://alfred.app/workflows/vitor/shrieking-chimes/ - dependency management keeping track of which workflows uses which shortcut (and if they are removed).
  5. Hi, I have realized that I quite often modify an otherwise perfect workflow just to make it work together with my other workflows. Most often the keyword or shortcut, sometimes the universal actions. This feature would be similar to the existing Universal Actions but with all the Workflows universal actions as well (not only handled by “type” as now). Also, with a more elaborate UI. And, as said, for keywords and hotkeys as well.
  6. Hi, I have this feeling that Alfred is a bit isolated from the macOS UI and have some ideas: - Widget that let you choose from the external triggers. - Widget that displays a list filter result. - Add choosen external triggers to menu bar icon menu. - Register Alfred and external triggers/universal actions as Extensions in macOS. I could see uses for all possible (sharing, file, actions, preview, photo, quick actions..) To make this realistic I think the Native app would need to have an UI handling what shows up where.
  7. The second alternative in the official documentation lacks quotation marks around "myvariable"
  8. Thanks a lot for this @Floating.Point! Can believe I missed the browse object. I've updated the workflow, now even simpler (I like that!). Another benefit with the browser object is that user configuration can be used to select the folder.
  9. I decided to add this since it's one of my most used Hotkey triggered workflows. No doubt you all have created a couple of similar ones covering your own needs. --- Say if you’re the author or submitting someone else’s workflow. I'm the author. Share a link to its main page (e.g. GitHub). https://github.com/psu/alfred-list-screenshots
  10. This is so good it should be a native Alfred feature. Absolutely necessary for your productivity, not only can you do more without the mouse, you don't even have to create a Hotkey! I'm triggering it with Cmd+Space. --- Say if you’re the author or submitting someone else’s workflow. I'm not the author, @Benzi is. Share a link to its thread on the Alfred Forum, if available. Share a link to its main page (e.g. GitHub). https://github.com/BenziAhamed/Menu-Bar-Search
  11. Are there any plans for this to be integrated as a feature in Alfred itself?
  12. My workaround is to add the project folders to the Privacy tab in Spotlight prefs. It's not perfect but I rarely search for source code files with Alfred or Spotlight. Of course you could also add all folders named node_module but that would be harder to back track. For this approach, do a Finder search and just drag n drop.
  13. Yeah, made me rediscover this workflow. Super handy! Big thanks
  14. Thanks, I've done the same thing with native workflow objects. Works ok as a temporary solution.
  15. Ok Thanks for the swift reply.
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