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  1. Yeah, made me rediscover this workflow. Super handy! Big thanks
  2. Thanks, I've done the same thing with native workflow objects. Works ok as a temporary solution.
  3. Ok Thanks for the swift reply.
  4. Any chance this could be a built-in Alfred feature? @Vero
  5. This is exactly the reason I don't want them to show up in Alfred. Btw I understand how mobile apps use iCloud to sync settings, but that's something else from the concept iCloud Drive imho. Also, when I open the Mobile Documents-folder for eg. Monument Valley it is completely empty, not even any hidden files. So I really hope my progress in the game is saved somewhere else... Thanks for the help on this, I will try it out. And a handy tips for the future (the touch setting is already on).
  6. … and for the folder ~/Dropbox/Documents it must be something else going on. It seems to have a weird behaviour in general.
  7. Thanks for the tips but no luck. Correction to my last post: Since it was really strange that I got a different behaviour from you, I turned of some custom file search workflows that I was using, and that did change things. The "strange" folders are now opening in Finder (still empty and irrelevant as described above). And I am still not sure they should be visible as normal folders: Both spotlight search and finder search does show these folders but handles them differently. Spotlight does the same as Alfred, Finder shows me iCloud Drive. I am not
  8. Hi, I have now had time to look more into this: This is not at all the case for me: I have actioned almost every single one of the items in Alfred, they all jump to the iCloud "root" folder (iCloud Drive) after Finder first shows my user folder (~/) for about 0,1 seconds. The folders that is shown in Finder on my iCloud Drive doesn't appear in the list in Alfred, so I am not able to try those, eg. Preview (picture attached). That is possibly true but in my case I have no mobile app folders, only desktop app folders (see picture). But
  9. Thanks for your answer. I figured the problem was in spotlight rather than Alfred. The weirdest part is that they show up but at the same time cannot be opened. I don't use these folders much so I should probably just make Alfred ignore them. Cheers Pontus
  10. I am trying to open my two Documents folders (one extra in my Dropbox) – and I want them to show up on top of the results since that would be more relevant to me. Yes and Alfred app is quite good at handling that so my results still are relevant (and not only correct). But after this change in iCloud the file search have become less usable. The problem as I see it: 1. The default search results shouldn't show content of hidden/system folders. 2. It definitely shouldn't show all the contents of the folder ~/Library/Mobile Documents and present
  11. When doing a file search for "documents" I get almost only results like this "iCloud Drive > [app] > Documents" (see picture1). It has been like this on both Sierra and High Sierra and several versions of Alfred. The [app]-folder could be both folders I actually see in Finder (picture2) and apps that I only have on my iPhone and doesn't show in Finder. Unclear to me if it is a problem with Alfred or the macOS index, but very annoying.
  12. This works fine for me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7d357bo5wch0j46/Rename (version).alfredworkflow?dl=0
  13. Yeah I've added another external. Maybe a new feature in the workflow? (Shouldn't every workflow have an external trigger hehe). For me it works fine without the "trick", is it for older versions of alfred?
  14. Great workflow! I wish it had support for multiple screens…
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