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  1. Hi, I've uploaded it to github, see my post in this thread:
  2. Hi, nice work! I still wonder, however, whether a workflow could be created which will send a selected file(s) with file action to airdrop.
  3. Hi, You don't need a workfow for such tasks in Launchbar. Launchbar has a pretty good system integration, so the only thing you need is a system service for text manipulation, as described here: https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/documentation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/MacAutomationScriptingGuide/ManipulateText.html Here is a bigger collection but you will also find other if you google. After you install such a service, you can call it directly from LB.
  4. I think it is a limitation, users can live with. Being up to-date is not such a big deal for bookmarks, which are mostly static.
  5. Hi Jan, there is a recent thread about it: Short answers: yes, it is possible to some amount. You need a shortcut for text as described in the thread I mentioned which you would call with a separate shortcut (double CTRL in my case). It would place the text in Alfred and place the cursor before the text, so you can call a workflow on it. I mention a workflow, and I mean it - without it, Alfred cannot do much with with your text. Unfortunately, such functionality is really a very strong side of LaunchBar...
  6. So far I've found only code for processing JSON bookmark files: https://github.com/duanemay/alfred-workflow-chrome-bookmarks https://github.com/blainesch/alfred-chrome-bookmarks Since I don't want to write the parser from scratch, I need either to grab the most recent of the json backup files, or simply convert a bookmarks.html to json first, which should be not so difficult. Need to play around with it.
  7. Yes, it seems to be the only valid option. Every possibility to work with SQLite db is a rotten apple, even if it is cached by the workflow. In my case, browser is just running sometimes for a week, which means, DB would be locked all the time. I should look in github for older workflows with a working parser of bookmarks.html, the rest should not be that difficult.
  8. This is not necessary true. People in web development have basically stopped to test websites in other browsers. And if an issue appears, the first question is always "can it be reproduced in chrome", as if anything not appearing in chrome is a browser bug. For a monopoly you don't have to kill other browsers, just render them significantly less useful for users. Safari, too, is not safe anymore, since the webkit !== blink.
  9. I also would like FF to be supported, since the provided ff workflow tries to read the SQL db and is, thus not working when FF is running. I, however, don't see it that critical with workflow vs. 'provided by default' since I think that Alfred is lacking features in more important areas. A working workflow would be sufficient. A simple solution could be to allow the bookmarks feature in Alfred to parse a html file - this way FF bookmarks could be added just by pointing it to the profile folder and setting the browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML flag. Regarding browser choice in general: I have a feeling, that Safari is somehow falling behind in performance, especially if one uses it with all bells&whistles, like adblockers. Chrome is the new IE - barebone, introducing more and more limitations, a privacy nightmare. It its strange to see, how FF is getting in the "David vs. Goliath" role once again. So, while I absolute believe that Chrome is by a large margin the most used browser for Alfred users, the thinking here should be more strategical, since we don't want to ask ourselves in 10 years how we've got there with browser monopoly.
  10. I've posted updated workflow to github with permission from Carlos. Link to repository Direct link to the Workflow file
  11. So, I've fixed this workflow for now... I will try to contact the original author to get his permit to republish it. Until then ping me via private message with your mail, I will send it.
  12. I should maybe say file-based workflows, navigation as it is is fine - you find some folder and drill down. It it more about doing something with results (though I like the buffer idea since it can keep files forever). Is it difficult to implement in general? As far as I understand, mime-type can be grabbed form any file in macOS.
  13. I am not sure it can be blamed on "lists vs trees". IMO Alfred does the navigation fine enough and has some nice features, like file preview always shown in the window. The problem is what you can do with things you've found - and here one would again land by support for system services. Zipping a found folder is something macOS can do natively, LB can do it most likely for the same reason, but Alfred would require an extra file action no one has written yet, as far as I searched. I think system services are a low-hanging fruit (well, not necessary from the amount of work needed to implement it) which would add a ton of functions instantly. So let us hope we see it implemented soon enough.
  14. It is actually pretty simple: - create a new action - right click on workbench - Triggers>Hotkey - do the rest like in the screenshot
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