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Triggered List Filter Inconsistently Visible

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I have a workflow that has a sort-of two-stage filtering mechanism. First you select an item from one List Filter, then you select an item from a second List Filter to finally trigger an action. An example might be select a US State, then select a website to open up to that specific state.




Recently, the second stage of the filter began inconsistently being invisible. I'd trigger the first filter and select a state, then the second List Filter would never show. Interestingly, if you began typing Alfred would show itself again and continue working as before. You can also navigate the invisible second List filter by using your arrow keys, enter, or the cmd shortcuts. I have a tiny workflow for reproducing the bug that I can share if there's some way to.



I have a workaround which is to add a 0.01s delay between the two list filters. With the delay, I have had the second filter be visible consistently. It's odd to me that this would be needed and why it would suddenly start behaving this way.


I have tested this on two different computers, one Apple Silicon, one Intel. Both OS's are on 14.4. Both are running Alfred 5.5 [2257], but the behavior started before upgrading to 5.5.


Thank you for your help with this :)

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Wow, thank you @vitor!


I can't believe I didn't put together the common thread of recently enabling Stage Manager on both macs. Telling Alfred to keep the window open between objects does solve the problem and makes sense. I am still a little surprised that enabling Stage Manager would cause an otherwise working workflow to stop working, but I understand if it was working before with unsupported behavior.

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