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Text obfuscation workflow?

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I use Logseq as my note-taking application, migrating from Evernote. Unfortunately, Logseq does not have password-protected encrypted text like Evernote had.


A different approoach that would serve my need would be to be able to obfuscate any portion of a Logseq note (which are all plain text). It could be into something similar to morse code (like here) or any algorithm that makes it very hard to find the meaning of the text without expending efforts (the barrier is much lower compared to encryption, but this would be enough for my needs).

Is there any workflow that addresses this need? If there isn't, how should I approach the design of such workflow? I'm thinking of something very simple, with two options

* obfuscate selected text

* reverse obfuscation on the selected text.


down the lines there could be a choice of obfuscation method, but as a starting point, even one option is enough.


Thanks in advance.

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With the caveat that this isn’t a secure way to encrypt sensitive data (I know you understand that, I just want to hammer the point for people arriving to this issue later), a dead-simple way to do it would be to encode as Base64.

Use a Universal Action connected to a Run Script Action connected to a Copy to Clipboard Output set to paste to the frontmost app. Then duplicate all that. You’ll use one set for encoding and the other for decoding. The only change is what the Run Script will contain.

In the one to encode, set the code to /usr/bin/base64 <<< "${1}". In the one to decode, set it to /usr/bin/base64 --decode <<< "${1}". Done.

You can see the Getting Started Guide for an interactive tutorial on making a workflow.

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