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Workflow with Chained output

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I've just started using Workflows, I'm a little stuck on how to do this, so any help offered will be appreciated.


As a background I've just moved from The Archive (notes app) to Apple Notes. I've always used Alfred Hotkey Ctrl+Space to open Archive.


One nice feature of Archive I liked was press ESC and it took you to the Search bar and cleared the contents, so you could see all your notes and then you could type a search word.


I've adapted my Alfred workflow:

  • HotKey Ctrl + Space opens Apple Notes
  • If Apple Notes is the active Window pressing Ctrl + Space will issue the Key Combo Opt+Cmd+F (which opens the Apple Notes search bar)


I would like to have a second Key Combo run so that it deletes the search bar contents. This can be a simple 'Delete' key press as the contents of the search bar are already selected when I press Ctrl + Space.


I've tried simply adding a second Key Combo box but this cannot connect to the first Key combo.


I know I could just press delete but it would be faster to use the hot key.


I don't need a workflow to search Notes, I am happy with this behaviour if I can get it to work.


Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 09.58.14.png

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Posted (edited)
10 minutes ago, Rickhas said:

I've tried simply adding a second Key Combo box but this cannot connect to the first Key combo.

I wonder whether you might be able to do that by putting a 0.5s Wait action between them.


Edit: Apologies: it's called Delay.



Edited by Stephen_C
Further edit to get correct utility name.
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Thanks @Stephen_C


I tried your suggestion and found that I was doing something wrong. 


When I created the delay as a free-standing box it would not then connect to the Key Combo. But if I select the Key Combo box and then create the delay it worked.


So I tried that approach to create the second key combo box and it worked.


And the workflow does what I wanted.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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