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Kill Process (PID) by String Program Name

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Hi all, this is my first workflow. Any feedback is appreciated. Excited to join this community. 🙂


Kill Process Alfred Workflow



Version 1.0.0


Alfred Workflow to Kill Process given a string name


This Alfred workflow takes a string and searches the currently active processes for the name. It retrieves the corresponding PID for the process and kills it.

This workflow is case-insensitive




- `kill <process-name>`
- `kill pycharm`    - Kills PyCharm Professional
- `kill XCode` - Kills Xcode
- `kil saf` - Kills Safari

Feel free to modify this Workflow in the future 💪🏼



Would anyone know how to add the Workflow to the gallery? Thanks.

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Welcome @PopBot,


You should be able to simplify the Run Script immensely to essentially a single line: pkill -9 -if "${1}". There’s no need for pgrep as an intermediary as pkill does the job with names. You also don’t need to check if any argument was given, because in the Keyword Input you’re already telling it Argument Required so it won’t work unless the user types something.

Because -9 is quite aggressive, I’d recommend using Alternative Actions to either kill with -15 or -9. That’s up to you, though.


13 minutes ago, PopBot said:

Would anyone know how to add the Workflow to the gallery?


The process is “pull”, as opposed to “push”.

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