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FastMailx: send an email to a preset address

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Send an email to a preset address in a single command.  Uses OS X's mailx command line util, so it's extremely lightweight and quick.




..To do today/Stop hacking on workflows and do the laundry


sends an email to my personal address as defined in the script's MAILTO variable:


To: <my address>

Subject: To do today

Stop hacking on workflows and do the laundry


I'm brand-new to Alfred and very rusty in my UNIX skills, so please: be gentle :)  I'm unlikely to maintain or extend this, but others are welcome to.






  • ..subject /body - Send a message to MAILTO with subject and body separated by a slash ( / ).


Known issues


  • Doesn't handle errors;  if you don't set your MAILTO address, the command will silently fail.
  • No input validation.
  • It's pretty crappy. I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • A slash may be a lousy field separator;  feel free to change the IFS variable to something better.
  • Unforeseen consequences are unforeseen. Could go berzerk and destroy everything you love. Use at your own risk.




  • 2013-05-08: Initial release.
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