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Refresh Finder workflow

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Annoyed at Finder’s occasional stubborn refusal to correctly update the contents of network shares? Catching yourself developing a case of F5 envy? Fuming at your Windows buds* gloating? Despair no more: I’ve ported Söderhavet’s fine Refresh Finder utility to an Alfred workflow. Hotkey or the refresh keyword refreshes the file listing of the frontmost Finder window, another hotkey or alt-keyword refreshes them all. Updates via Alleyoop.


Blog post here, GitHub repo there. Oh, and direct download is here


* if such a thing even can exist.

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Hi @hzlzh, much as I appreciate what you are trying to do, I’ll not submit my workflows to your directory as long as a direct upload is required. I provide Alleyoop updating in all workflows because, for time and efficiency reasons, I want to keep new version uploading to one target only: the GitHub repo the workflows are stored in. However, should you ever decide to drop the direct (“backup”) download requirement and accept GitHub-only submissions, I’ll gladly add my workflows to your list (and of course I won’t object if somebody else wants to take it upon her or him to do so – the collected workflows are WTFPL licensed, after all ;)  ).

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