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  1. I did not use beta OS, also I had tried OnlyX to re-index spotlight, no help still.
  2. I am now trying to enable root account and open Alfred as root user, still not work
  3. @Andrew Yes I've tried those ways 1. Alfred "Reload Alfred Cache"2. Alfred - Feature - Default Search - Search Scope - "/Applications"3. Alfred - Advanced - [Clear Application Cache] + [Rebuild macOS Metadata]4. System Preference - Spotlight -Privacy - "/Applications" + "/System/Volumes/Data//Applications" 5. brew cask install onyx still not work for me
  4. Still didn't work. 1. System Preference - Spotlight -Privacy - "/Applications" + "/System/Volumes/Data//Applications" 2. then delete them. 3. Alfred - Rebuild macOS metadata 4. open Spotlight search something, then Spotlight will re-index all you files
  5. @dansmans Hi, I only installed Parallels, also re-install apps didn't help me? It's a Spotlight issue I think.
  6. Mac OS 10.15.1 Alfred 4.0.6 [1123] I tried everything I can, still can not search Apps in both Alfred and Apple Spotlight. "reload alfred cache" didn't work for me
  7. Same problem here, how can I re-index my spotlight?
  8. Google shortener API need an OAuth way to use. https://developers.google.com/url-shortener/v1/getting_started#shorten We need to create a public API key here https://console.developers.google.com/project/1017111020150/apiui/credential
  9. Nice one. You can share your work on the Workflow List site below.
  10. You can share your work on the Workflow List site below.
  11. Hello every one, I'm here to fix and update this Workflow, I just test all the shorten URL services, only (bit.ly and j.mp) did not work well because it reach the limit link number. To solve this, you should better use your own (bit.ly and j.mp)API Key as I've said #41 this post.
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