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Insert (Unicode) Character

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Before I saw that bevesce had already created this (with more features), I finished one of my own.


Anyway, it makes it easy to search and insert Unicode characters by their name in the current text (if it's supported).


Here's the download


Here's the source


Technical details:

For the technically interested, the difference between this and bevesce's is that this is written in ruby as opposed to Python and has the characters hard coded in this script. It makes it slightly faster with the expense of including only a subset of all possible characters. There is a limit to how big the script, or the array in it, can be it seems or it will crash when being loaded by Alfred.


Keep up the good work!

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this is great - thanks a lot!

Is it possible to change the script so I can pre-define a font-color? so i.e. I want to use "insert check_mark" and the check-mark should be pasted in green. I don't need to change the colors dynamically. It would be totaly fine for me to set up the color once and then always use the script like this.

would be cool to get an input if it's possible.

thank you!

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48 minutes ago, Maichu said:

Is it possible to change the script so I can pre-define a font-color?

Font colour depends on the application you’re writing into. When you copy a character it doesn’t have a set colour. It is technically possible to coerce a colour before pasting but not in a universal way. Not every application supports text with different colours and not all support the same methods (Rich Text, HTML).

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