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Show/hide file extensions

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Hzlzh, my response is almost exactly the same as kopischke's, except that I don't provide Alleyoop updating or use Github - I prefer to keep everything linked to the forum. I'd also appreciate the ability to remove my workflows from your site, should I wish to do so. If I ever adjust the way my workflows are hosted (Dropbox currently) I don't want to have to make those adjustments twice. If you ever make those changes though (and maybe streamline the positing process on your site) I'll be happy to contribute workflows :-)

Hi @hzlzh, much as I appreciate what you are trying to do, I’ll not submit my workflows to your directory as long as a direct upload is required. I provide Alleyoop updating in all workflows because, for time and efficiency reasons, I want to keep new version uploading to one target only: the GitHub repo the workflows are stored in. However, should you ever decide to drop the direct (“backup”) download requirement and accept GitHub-only submissions, I’ll gladly add my workflows to your list (and of course I won’t object if somebody else wants to take it upon her or him to do so – the collected workflows are WTFPL licensed, after all ;)  ).

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Thank you!!!

Best workflow ever! I really appreciate it.


You might want to edit the title of the main post to "Show/Hide file extensions" instead of "Share/hide" because that's a little confusing. I skipped over it when I searched for something like this the first time.


Anyway, thanks a million for posting this workflow.



A quick little workflow for showing and hiding file extensions. The workflow works as a file action (one action for showing and one for hiding extensions) and as a keyboard shortcut (for toggling the visibility of the file extensions of the items selected in OS X). 



Download: Show/Hide File Extensions

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