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[Request] Font collection workflow?

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I searched and didn't find a workflow for Font Book.


I have over 700 fonts on my computer.  With the built-in Font Book, there is the option to make collections, which is quite useful.  Unfortunately, due to rather restrictive implementations, the actual CREATION of collections is a pain in the neck.  (Using them is a breeze.)  The only way to make them is to click and drag the fonts into the collections I want them in.  No keyboard shortcuts; no smart collections (I'm surprised at you, Apple!) and basically a royal pain for any more than a very small number of fonts.


I've spent at least a couple hours cumulative on sorting my fonts, just into basic collections (serif, sans serif and scripts) and I only got down to the Gs.


I think an implementation for this would have to involve Apple Script; can anyone give me a push in the right direction?  I've only done apple scripts for Safari in the past.

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Are those 700 enabled/installed (can you access them from every app), or are they just organised? A bit more of what you exactly want from the workflow would be good, as you may not even need Applescript, maybe it can be done by checking the font directories.

On another note, if you have that many fonts, you should really have most of them disabled, as having too many enabled can significantly slow down your system. Also, you should really consider investing in a proper app for font management, like Fontcase.

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