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Allow for workflows to be updated

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Sometimes bugs are squashed or new features are added to someone's workflow, but there is no way to know to update my own workflow's unless I follow that person's thread on here or wherever they posted up their workflow.


I think a nice option would be to allow certain workflows to be updated (the creator can choose to enable this feature or not). The creator can host it on Github (free) and follow a certain directory structure that Alfred requires. When checking from Alfred for updates, Alfred would know which Github URL to check for each workflow (if the creator included that option), and it would check something like a "versions.xml" file or something on Github. If there's a new version, download that and import it into Alfred. Even better, would be to display a "what's new in this workflow" popup giving us the option to upgrade or decline.


Just a thought... but I like having an up to date system. This becomes even more important when things like a new OSX version drop and certain workflows may require updating. As of right now, I'd need to manually look up each of my workflows and try and determine if there have been any updates.

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