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[Workflow Request] -- Send Text to Prowl

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Hey All,


I've used Alfred for a bit now, and am comfortable working with other peoples' workflows, but am a total newbie when it comes to creating workflows.


I have tried manipulating the workflows here and here to be used with Prowl, but honestly am out of my league with such a simple task.


I'm basically looking to be able to activate Alfred and send a website as a push notification to my iDevice, so I can open it. Typically, this is useful when I come across an app in my RSS readings that I'm interested in, and I don't want to have to unlock my phone, open the app store, search for the title, etc.


Lazy? Yes. But would it be nice? Very much so.


Any help -- be it a full-blown workflow, or suggestions on how to get started -- is appreciated.



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Thanks! I did install the Prowl plugin, which seems to have been an awesome and necessary step.


I am still having a problem, however. I was hoping to have a workflow that looks something like this:


-Copy text to clipboard

-call up Alfred, enter i.e. "prowl cb"

-have the workflow send the text to growl via prowl plugin dealy

-have the copied text appear on my phone


I downloaded prowlmenu, which is somewhat of a step forward, but it still requires selecting text, and mousing/trackpadding up to the menubar. My laziness knows no bounds! I would like a keyboard shortcut.


Again, thanks, and any suggestions on how to enact that via an alfred workflow (i.e. python/php/applescript) would be super. Until then, I will scour and putz around. If I figure anything out, I will post it!

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actually, get pushmenu (https://github.com/kalcher/pushmenu) and use this script:


on alfred_script(q)

tell application "pushmenu"

sendmessage q

end tell

end alfred_script


I do not have an iPhone or iPad to test on. This is a modified version of the script on the pushmenu website.


Thanks! pushmenu seems to be by the same author as prowlmenu, but pushmenu is a bit cleaner (from what I can see). The script as is doesn't work (yet), but I'll fiddle around and see what needs to be done.


I appreciate all the responses, everyone. Being a noob != fun.

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