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Launching Chrome with Accessibility on for ShortCat.app

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Not sure how many Alfred users are also ShortCat.app (http://shortcatapp.com) users, but I created this workflow for launching Chrome with accessibility turned on so ShortCat can see the fields. This workflow uses ctl-shift-h to launch Chrome with the proper flag or bring it to the fore front if it is already running. ctl-shift-alt-h will quit Chrome.


If you have not tried ShortCat, you should. It is a great app that has saved me from always going to the mouse. I access almost anything directly from the keyboard. It is great!


download: https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred/blob/master/RunChromeWithAccessability.alfredworkflow

version:     1.0

date:          30/8/2013

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