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a simple workflow needed

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I needed to create a very basic workflow.
Input trigger: keyword (help)
Action:  open URL (www.abc.com, www.xyz.com, www.123.com, etc)





I'd be happy to help you with this. Alfred now how built-in actions that you can just drop in and connect to a keyword making it really easy to create such workflows. To do so, follow these few steps.


1. In Preferences->Workflows, click the + toward the lower left side and select "Blank Workflow"

2. Fill in the details of the workflow in the sheet that displays. This is basic info about the workflow (in case you share it, or to identify it in the list on the left).

3. In the workflow's work area, click the + in the top right corner, select Inputs->Keyword to create a new keyword. Set your keyword, select that there is no argument, and set your Text and Subtext (this text is whats shown in the Alfred results area when you type in your keyword).

4. Click the + in the top right again, this time select Actions->Open URL. You will do this for each URL that you want to open for this keyword. For each one, set the URL and which browser you would like to open it with and save.

5. After you have your Open URL items created, mouse over the Keyword item and you will notice a small tab appear on the right side of it. Click it and drag to each Open URL to connect that keyword to that action. Repeat this for each Open URL.


That should get you going. If you need any more help or want a simple screencast showing a little more detail, let me know and I'll gladly throw one together for you.

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I already tried the way you suggested. The keyword doesn't show up all three url's. Instead it just shows the keyword and hitting  enter always open the last URL in the workflow.


I created a small screencast to show you exactly how I set it up. Could you watch the video in the link below and confirm that this was the same way that you set your workflow up? 



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