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  1. David, I already tried the way you suggested. The keyword doesn't show up all three url's. Instead it just shows the keyword and hitting enter always open the last URL in the workflow.
  2. Hi I needed to create a very basic workflow. Example: Input trigger: keyword (help) Action: open URL (www.abc.com, www.xyz.com, www.123.com, etc)
  3. Here is a simple workflow to search for messages in MailMate. Overview: It will show the result in MailMate. You can download the workflow from here.
  4. Not an issue. Andrew, if there could be an option of selecting the email client to be used in Alfred preference, that would make it easier.
  5. Benny from MailMate made the script for me. Works as expected. Path of the file should be "~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Plugins/Email/MailMate.applescript" Here is the script: -- Send an email with an attachment on url_encode(theText) return do shell script "printf " & quoted form of theText & " | xxd -u -plain | sed 's/\\(..\\)/%\\1/g' | tr -d '\\n'" end url_encode on create_mailto(_subject, _body, _attachments, _email, _name) set _to to _email if (_name is not "") then set _to to _name & " <" & _email & ">" end if set _mailto to "mailto:?to=" & url_encode(_to) & "&subject=" & url_encode(_subject) & "&body=" & url_encode(_body) repeat with _attachment in _attachments set _filePath to POSIX path of _attachment set _mailto to _mailto & "&attachment-url=file://" & url_encode(_filePath) end repeat return _mailto end create_mailto on send_email_with_attachment(ename, eemail, esubject, ebody, eattachment) set _mailto to create_mailto(esubject, ebody, eattachment, eemail, ename) tell application "MailMate" open location _mailto with trust activate end tell end send_email_with_attachment or you can download the file from here.
  6. Is it possible to do so in the current version? How do I set MailMate as default client for sending files/attachements from Alfred?
  7. Could someone help me by converting this Alfred extension for Fogbugz to work with Alfred 2. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Vitor for the effort. I'll try to contact the developer.
  9. Victor, bot the actions just bring the Justnotes window in the front. nothing happens afterwards.
  10. Deletion of folders/files is not working
  11. If possible, I would like to add tags from Alfred.
  12. Can someone help me create a workflow from the following instructions from Justnotes.
  13. Carloz, the new beta workflow is showing results in alfred, but after hitting "Show in Evernote", there are no notes. I've found that this workflow puts search query as tag:Customer support in the evernote app. It should insert tag:"Customer support" in the search query.
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