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Search vevo.com for music videos and watch them in your browser.




Website and download: https://github.com/cdraeger/alfred2-vevo-workflow

Direct download: https://github.com/cdraeger/alfred2-vevo-workflow/blob/master/export/vevo.alfredworkflow?raw=true





  • Arguments are now optional. If you don't enter any search term you will see a list of current video premieres.
  • Some refactoring and bug fixes.

I wanted to be able to search quickly for music videos directly in Alfred. Of course, vevo.com has to be accessible in your country. I have no idea what happens if not (let me know).


This workflow has probably still some potential, I'm planning on improving it whenever I have time and ideas. But for now it works. :) I'm ordering the results by most viewed all time (descending), which puts the most popular videos on top. You can read the rest on Github.


Feel free to let me know what you think! If you experience any bugs I'd appreciate if you report them.

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